Nautical words

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Nocturnal Radiation. Outgoing radiation of heat from Earth to space during hours of night.

Nodes. Those points in Ecliptic where orbit of Moon or planet, cut it. Termed 'ascending' node if body crosses in N'ly direction, and 'descending' if in S'ly direction.

Nodical Month. Interval between successive passages of Moon through the same node. Value is 27 d 05 h 05-6 m.

Nog. Treenail in heel of a shore supporting a ship on the slip.

Nogging. Driving treenails in heel of shore.

'No Higher.' Injunction to helmsman, when under sail, not to come closer to the wind.

Nolloth's Ship Clinometer. Hinged instrument with one arm clamped athwartships, in ship's horizontal plane, and one arm pivoted. By sighting horizon along movable arm the angle of roll can be read on a graduated arc.

Non-Harmonic. When applied to tidal data and methods, denotes those values and methods based upon, or derived from, observa­tion and experience, and not from harmonic analysis or methods.

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