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Mercantile Marine. Merchant shipping, including personnel.

Merchant Navy. Merchant Service.

Mercantile Marine Fund. Fund into which various fees and charges were paid, and from which salaries and expenses were recovered. Abolished 1898.

Mercantile Marine Office. Established and controlled by Merchant Shipping Acts for giving effect to the Acts as regards employment and discharge of personnel, keeping registers of men and their characters, facilitating apprenticeship to the sea service and other matters of like nature.

Mercantile Marine Superintendent. Officer in charge of a Mercantile Marine Office.

Mercantile Marine Uniform. Standard uniform for officers of British Merchant Navy in accordance with Orders in Council of 1918 and 1921. Penalty for unauthorised wearing is up to £5; for wearing it in such a manner as to bring it into contempt, £10 or up to one month's imprisonment with or without hard labour.

Mercator Chart. Projection of Earth's surface in which all meri­dians are made parallel and the latitude scale is increased in the same ratio as the expansion of the longitude scale in the area. All straight lines are rhumb lines. Distances are measured by minutes of latitude in area considered. Distortion in high latitudes is very great.

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