Nautical words

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Measurement Goods. Cargo in which freight is based on the amount of space goods occupy in the ship carrying them.

Measurement of Ships. Determination of a ship's displacement. Gross, Net and Under-Deck Tonnages, Draught, Freeboard, Length and Breadth.

Mechanical Advantage. Ratio between force applied and weight lifted when using a purchase or other machine.

Mechanical Integrator. Instrument used for finding a vessel's displacement and moments of displacement by moving a pointer along line of sections of body plan; this movement actuating registering mechanism.

Mechanical Navigation.* Former name for ship handling and manoeuvring.

Mechanical Stoker. Machine that feeds furnaces of a coal-fired vessel.

Median. Middle quantity of a series of values; not necessarily the mean value. 2. Line, from angle of a triangle, bisecting opposite side.

Medusa. Umbrella-shaped jelly-fish with several long and hairlike tentacles.

'Meet Her.' Order to helmsman when helm is righted during a turn

and he is required to check swing of ship's head. Mega. Prefix meaning 'Great' or 'Million'. Megadyne. Million dynes. Pressure of one megadyne per square centimetre is equivalent to 1000 millibars.

Mend. To put additional service on a rope. 2. To loose a sail and refurl it.

Meniscus. Curved upper surface of liquid in a tube, particularly mercury in a barometer. Curve can be concave or convex. 2. Concave-convex lens.

Menkalin. Star  Aurigae, S.H.A. 271°; Dec. N45°; Mag. 2-1.

Menkar 222 Merchant Service

Menkar. Star  Ceti. S.H.A. 315°; Dec. N4°; Mag. 2-8.

Menkent. Star  Centauri. S.H.A. 149°; Dec. S36°; Mag. 2-3.

Merak. Star  Ursae Majoris. S.H.A. 195°; Dec. N57°, Mag. 2-4.

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