Nautical words

Maul. Heavy hammer of iron or wood. Mayday

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Maul. Heavy hammer of iron or wood.

Mayday. (French 'm' aidez', 'Help me'.) The international spoken radiotelephony signal of distress.

Maximum Altitude. Greatest angular distance above horizon.

Maxwell's Rule. 'Corkscrew Rule.'

McIntyre System. Double-bottom construction involving the cut­ting of frames and reverse frames and the fitting of a continuous water-tight angle bar to take lower edge of tank margin plate.

McIntyre Tank. Water-ballast tank seated on top of ordinary floors. Preceded double-bottom tank.

Meade Great Circle Diagram. Graticule for solving great circle sailing problems from projection of course on a Mercator chart.

Mean Draught. Half sum of forward and after draughts of a vessel. It differs slightly from draught at half length.

Mean High Water. Mean of all high waters at a place when observed during a lunation of 29 days.

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