Nautical words

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Master's Declaration. Short name for 'Master's Declaration and Stores Content for Vessels Outward in Ballast', which is signed by Master when clearing outwards in ballast.

Mast Head. That part of mast between truck and upper eyes of rigging.

Masthead Angle. Angle, at observer's eye, between truck of a vessel's mast and the waterline vertically beneath it. By means of tables—or by trigonometry - this can give ship's distance off when height of eye and height of masthead are known.

Masthead Battens. Vertical strips of wood or metal placed on lower masthead to protect mast from chafe of wire rigging, and to protect eyes of lower rigging from chafe by masthead hoops.

Masthead Light. White, screened light required to be carried on fore or mainmast of a vessel propelled by engines.

Mast Hole. Circular hole in deck through which a mast passes.

Mast Hoop. Circular ring, of metal or wood, that encircles a mast and is free to move up and down it. Often fitted in luffs of gaff sails.

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