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Hard Up m a Clinch. Seaman's expression that means being in a critical and difficult position.

Harfield's Compensating Gear. Steering gear in which an eccentric-ally-mounted pinion actuates a toothed rack shaped to conform to eccentricity of pinion. At small angles of helm the long radius of pinion gives quick movement: at large angles of helm the small radius of pinion gives decreased speed but increased power.

Harmattan. Dry and cool NE wind over NW Africa.

Harmonic Analysis. The separation of component tides of an undulation and the determination of their individual values and incidence. These values are considered as being due to action of hypothetical tide-raising bodies.

Harmonic Constants. Angular values of hypothetical tide raising bodies at given times and places, together with the amplitudes of waves they generate, and the height of mean sea level, at a place, as related to chart datum.

Harmonic Method of Tidal Prediction. Based on Harmonic Analysis. Assumes that tides are the results of tractive forces of several hypothetical tide-raising bodies, each moving at its proper speed and having an unvarying tractive effort. By tabulating the angular positions of these bodies, at a given epoch, and their tide-raising power, the determination of tidal effect at a place can be ' derived arithmetically or mechanically.

Harness. Belt and straps fitted with a clip-hook by which the wearer can secure himself to guardrail or rigging in bad weather.

Harness Cask. Wooden tub, with cover, in which salt meat was kept on board in former years. 'Harness' has an oblique reference to salt 'horse'.

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