Nautical words

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False Sternpost. Timber attached to after side of wooden sternpost.

Fanal. The lamp, and its mechanism, in a lighthouse.

Fancy Line 133 Feather Spray

Fancy Line. Downhaul runner at throat of a gaff. 2. Line for hauling on a lee toppinglift.

Fang. Valve of a pump box. 2. To prime a pump.

Fanion. Small marking flag used when surveying.

Fanny Adams. Name given to tinned mutton in R.N.

First issued. in 1867. A child of this name, 9 years old, was murdered about the same time.

Fantod. A nervour and irresolute person.

Farcost.* A ship or boat. A voyage.

Fardage. Dunnage used with bulk cargo.

Farewell Buoy. Buoy at seaward end of channel leading from a port.

Fash. An irregular seam.

Fashion Pieces. Outer cant frames.

Fashion Plate. Ship side plate at end of well deck. Usually has an end that is swept in a curve.

Fast. Hawser by which a vessel is secured. Said of a vessel when she is secured by fasts.

Fast Ice. Ice extending seaward from land to which it is attached.

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1   ...   342   343   344   345   346   347   348   349   ...   963

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