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Chamber of Shipping of U.K

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Chamber of Shipping of U.K. Body formed to promote and protect the interests of British shipowners. Received Royal Charter, 1922.

Change of Moon. Instant when centres of Sun and Moon are on same celestial meridian, and a new lunation commences.

Change of Trim. Alteration in the difference between the forward and after draughts of a floating ship.

Change the Mizzen. To brace the crossjack yard so that the mizzen course is on a tack different from the remaining sails.

Change Tide. Tide occurring at change of Moon, and, therefore, nearly a spring tide.

Channel. Narrow arm of sea between two land areas. 2. Deepest part of a body of water, and through which main current flows. 3. Longitudinal hollow or cavity. 4. Flat projection from side of a ship to give spread to rigging (usually called 'chains'). 5. Standard rolled steel section in form of three sides of a rectangle.

Channel Bar. Rolled steel section having three sides of a rectangle.

Channel Bolt. Long bolt that passes through chains, or channels and side planking of a wooden ship; so clamping the chains to the side.

Channel Money. Advance payment of money due to a seaman 48 hours before being paid off. Is £2, or one-quarter of wages due, whichever is the lesser.

Channel Pilot. Pilot engaged in conducting ships in English Channel, or other specified channel. 2. A book of sailing directions for navigation of the English Channel.

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