Nautical words

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Cathode Ray Tube. A type of electronic valve with a screen which glows brightly where it is struck by a stream of electrons released when an echo is received. This type, used in a radar set, is known as a Plan Position Indicator. Cat Holes.* Two small holes, for mooring ropes, in sterns of olden ships.

Cat Hook. Strong hook in end of cat pendant for lifting anchor to billboard when catting.

Catoptric. Name given to lights intensified by means of mirrors. Cat Pendant. Wire rope rove through block on cat davit to lift anchor when catting it.

Cat Purchase. Tackle by which anchor is lifted from water level and placed on billboard. Cat Rig. Modern version: schooner or ketch rig with no head sails, with unstayed masts, wish-bone booms and wrap-round sails.

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