Nautical words

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Castor and Pollox. Name given to two corposants when seen at the same time. Casuarinas. Trees having no leaves but with short, ribbed sheaths. Observable in Indian Archipelago and Australia.

Casualty. Any accident to a ship or man that involves damage or death.

Cat. Purchase or rope by which an anchor is lifted to billboard after weighing. 2. Former sailing vessel having three masts, no beakhead, narrow stern, projecting quarters and high waist.

Carried about 800 tons. (This may have been Dick Whittington's 'cat').

Catabatic. See 'Katabatic'.

Catadioptric Lens. Arrangement of lenses so that a light is both reflected and refracted in a desired direction. Suggested by Alan Stevenson in 1834. Used in many lighthouses. Catamaran. Small craft whose stability is obtained by having a log parallel to its fore and aft line and maintained at proper distance by projections from main craft. Common in Indian Sea and other tropical and sub-tropical waters. 2. A flat wooden float used in docks as fender, and for painting ship's side. 3. A yacht with twin hulls.

Cat Back. Small rope attached to back of hook of cat purchase. Used for placing cat hook into ring, or balancing band, of anchor when anchor is awash.

Cat Block. Lower block of a cat purchase; carries the cat hook.

Cat Boat. Small boat with single gaff sail and mast set right forward.

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