Nautical words

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Bauer Wach Turbine. Auxiliary turbine geared to propeller shaft and driven by exhaust steam from triple expansion main engines.

Baulk. Beam. Beam-shaped piece of timber.

Baulk Yawl. Bale yawl.

Bawley. Sailing boat used in lower reaches of Thames for shrimp­ing or whitebait and sprat fishing. Usually cutter rigged with loose-footed mainsail.

Bawse.* Old name for a ship's boat. See 'Buss'. Bay. Arm of sea extending into land and with a seaward width that is greater than amount it goes into the land. 2. Compart­ment, in hold or store, with entrance not less, in width, than depth of the compartment.

Bay Ice. Alternative name for 'Young Ice'.

Bayou 36 Bear Away

Bayou. Long, narrow channel, often marshy, in Louisiana and nearby areas.

Beach. Sandy or shingle shore on which waves break. To beach a ship is to haul, or drive her ashore above high water line.

Beachcomber. Unemployed seaman who frequents the waterfront of ports abroad.

Beach Master. An officer whose duties are to supervise the landing of stores, and the disembarkation of men, on a beach.

Beacon. Erection on land, or in shoal waters, intended as a guide or warning to vessels navigating in sight of it. May be fitted with a light, or lights, or may emit a radio signal. Always carries some distinctive characteristic so that it may be identified.

Beak. Originally, a brass projection from prow of ancient ships, designed to pierce, or hold, an enemy vessel. Later, was a small deck forward of forecastle and supported by knees from stem and forward timbers.

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