Nautical words

Zubenesch. Old name for star a Lyrae. Zugites

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Zubenesch. Old name for star a Lyrae.

Zugites. The middle tier of oarsmen in an ancient Greek trireme.

Zulu. Scottish east coast fishing vessel.

Zygaena. The genus to which the hammer-headed shark (Zygaena malleus) belongs.


a.a. Always afloat.

a.a.r. Against all risks.

A- & C.P. Anchors and chains proved.

abt. About.

a/c Account. Altered course

Acc. Accepted; acceptance.

A.C. Account current.

A/d After date.

Add. Addressed.

Ad. val. Ad valorem.

A.F. Advanced freight.

Agt. Agent. Against.

A.H. Anno Hegirae. (Epoct of Mohammedan calen­dar.)

a.h. After hatch.

a.m. ante meridiem.

A.M.C. Armed Merchant Cruiser.

A/or And/or.

A/P. Additional premium.

A.R. All risks.

A/S. After sight. Alongside.

A.T. American Terms (grain).

Av. Average.

A.V. Ad valorem.

B. Bale. Bag.

b. Blue sky.

B. & D. 1. Births & Deaths, Form 1.

B.A. Buenos Aires.

B.B. Bill book. Below bridges.

B.C. British Corporation. / Bristol Channel.

B/L. Bill of Lading.

B.O. Buyers' Option. / Branch Office.

B.P.B. Bank Post Bill.

Brl. Barrel.

B.S. British Survey. / Balance Sheet.

B/S Bill of Sale. Bill of Store.

B/s Bags. Bales.

Bs/L. Bills of Lading.

B/St. Bill of Sight.

B.S.T. British Summer Time.

b.t. Berth Terms.

B.T.U. Board of Trade Unit.

c. Detached clouds.

C/- Case.

c.a. Current account.

C. & D. Collected and delivered.

C.B.&H. Continent, Bordeaux to Hamburg.

C.C. Civil commotions. Con­tinuation Clause.

C/D. Commercial dock. Con­sular declaration.

c. & f. Cost and freight.

c.f. Carried forward. Cubic feet.

c.f.i. Cost, freight and insur­ance.

C.F. Copper fastened.

C.f.o. Coast for orders. Chan­nel for orders.

C.G.A. Cargo's proportion of General Average.

C.H. & H. Continent between Havre and Hamburg.

c. & i. Cost and insurance.

C.I. Consular Invoice.

C.I.E. Captain's imperfect entry.

c.i.f. Cost, insurance and freight.

c.i.f. & e. Cost, insurance, freight and exchange.

c.i.f-c.i. Cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest.

c.i.f.L.t. Cost, insurance and freight, London terms.

Ck. Cask. !.

c/1. Craft loss.

Cid. Cleared.

C/N. Cover note. Credit note. Consignment note.

C/0. Case oil. Certificate of Origin. Cash order.

C.O.D. Cash on delivery.

Cont. Continent of Europe. ti

Cont. (A.H.) Continent of Europe, Antwerp-Hamburg range.

Cent. (B.H.) Continent or Europe, Bordeaux-Hamburg range.

Cont. (H.H.) Continent of Europe, Havre-Hamburg range.

C/P. Charter Party. Custom of Port (Grain trade).

C.PJ5. Charterers pay dues.

C.R. Current rate. Carriers' risk.

C.S. Cotton seed. Colliery screened (coal).

C.T. Californian terms (grain trade).

C.T.C. Corn Trade Clauses. .

c.t.l.o. Constructive total loss only.

C.W. Commercial weight.

d. Drizzling rain.

D/A. D/A. Discharge afloat. Days after acceptance. Docu­ments against acceptance. Deposit account.

D.B. Double bottom/s/ed. Deals and battens. Donkey boiler.

D.B.B. Deals, battens and boards.

Dbk. Drawback.

D.B.S. Distressed British sea­man.

D/C. Deviation Clause.

D.D. Damage done.

D/D Days after date. De­mand draft. Delivered at docks.

d.d. Delivered.

dd/s Delivered sound (grain).

d.f. Dead freight.

d.l.o. Dispatch loading only.

D/N. Debit note.

D/0. Delivery order.

D.O.T. Department of Overseas Trade.

D/P. Documents against pay­ment.

D/R. Deposit receipt.

D/S. Days after sight.

D.T. Deep tank.

D.T.I. Department of Trade and Industry.

D.W., d.w. Deadweight. Dock warrant.

dwc. Deadweight capacity.

E.C.C.P. East coast (Great Britain) coal port.

E.C.G.B. East coast of Great Britain.

E.C.I. East coast of Ireland.'

E.C.U.K. East coast of United Kingdom.

E.&O.E. Errors and omissions excepted.

EJ3. Existence doubtful (chart).

E.E. Errors excepted.

e.g. Ejusdem generis (of same kind).

e.o.h.p. Except otherwise herein provided.

E.P. Estimated position.

Eq. T. Equation of time.

est. Estimated.

E.T.A. Estimated time of arrival.

Ex. Excluding. Out of . Without. Examined. Exchange. Executed.

Exd. Examined.

f. Fog.

f.a. Free alongside.

f.a.a. Free of all average.

f.a.q. Fair average quantiiy.

f.a.s. Free alongside ship. Firsts and seconds (American lumber trade).

F.B.I. Federation of British Industries.

f.c. & s. Free of capture and seizure.

f.c.s.r.c.c. Free of capture, seizure, riots and civil coin-motions.

F.D. Forced draught.

f.d. Free discharge. Free delivery. Free dis­patch. Free docks.

F. & D. Freight and demurrage.

f.f.a. Free from alongside. Free foreign agency.

F.G.A. Foreign General Aver­age.

f.h. Fore hatch.

f.i.a. Full interest admitted.

f.i.b. Free into barge. Free into bunkers.

f.i.o. Free in and out.

f.i.t. Free of income tax.

f.i.w. Free into wagon.

F.L.N. Following landing num­bers.

f.o. For orders. Full out terms (grain). Finn offer.

f.o.b. Free on board.

f.o.c. Free of charge. Free on car.

f.o.d. Free of damage.

f.o.q. Free on quay.

f.o.r. Free on rail.

f.o.r.t. Full out rye terms.

f.o.s. Free on steamer.

f.o.t. Free on truck.

f.o.w. First open water. Free on wagon.

F.P. Floating policy.

F.PA. Free of Particular Aver­age.

F.P.T. Fore peak tank.

F/R Freight release.

f.r. & c.c. Free of riots and civil ^B commotions.

f.r.o. Fire risk on freight.

Frt. Freight.

f.t. Full terms.

F.T.W. Free Trade Wharf.

fwd. Forward.

f.w.d. Fresh water damage.

F.X. Forecastle.

G/A. General Average.

G/A con. General Average contri­bution.

G/A dep. General Average deposit.

G.C.T. Greenwich Civil Time.

G.F. Government Form (charter).

g.f.a. Good fair average.

G.I., g.i. Galvanized iron.

G.M.A.T. Greenwich Mean Astro­nomical Time.

g.m.b. Good merchantable brand.

g.m.q. Good merchantable quality.

G.M.T. Greenwich Mean Time.

g.o.b. Good ordinary brand.

gr. Grain. Gross.

g.s.m. Good, sound and merchantable.

guar. Guaranteed.

G.V. Grande Vitesse (express train).

H.A. or D. Havre, Antwerp or Dunkirk.

H.C. Held covered.

H.H. Havre to Hamburg range.

hhd. Hogshead.

H.L., h.l Hawser-laid.

H.M.S. Her Majesty's ship.

H.P. Horse Power. High Pressure. Horizontal Parallax.

H.P.N. Horse Power, nominal.

H.T. Home trade. Half-time survey.

H.W. High water.

H.W.F.&C. High Water at Full and Change of Moon.

H.W.M. High water mark.

H.W.O.S.T. High water ordinary spring tides.

I.A.L.A. International Assoc. of Lighthouse Authorities.

I.B. In bond. Invoice Book.

I.C. & C. Invoice cost and charges.

I.H.B. International Hydro-graphical Bureau.

I.H.P. Indicated Horse Power.

I.M.C.O. Inter-governmental Mari­time Consultative Organization.

Ince Insurance.

I.R. Inland Revenue.

i.v. Invoice value. Increased value.

J/A. Joint account.

j. & w.o. Jettison and washing overboard.

K.D. Knocked down.

kg. kilogram/s.

K.I.D. Key industry duty.

l. Lightning.

L/A. Lloyd's agent. Landing Account. Letter of Authority.

L.A.T. Linseed Association Terms.

Lat., lat. Latitude.

L.C. London clause. Label clause. Landing craft.

LASH Lighter-aboard-ship.

L/C. Letter of Credit.

L.C.T.A. London Corn Trade Association.

Idg. Loading.

Ldg.&Dely. Loading and Delivery.

lds. Loads.

L.H.A.R. London, Hull, Rotter­dam or Antwerp.

Lkg.&bkg. Leakage and breakage.

Ll.&Cos. Lloyd's and Companies.

L.L.T. London Landed terms.

L.M.C. Lloyd's Machinery Certificate.

l.m.c. Low middling clause (cotton).

L.O.A. Length over all.

L.Q.T. Liverpool Quay Terms.

L.R.M.C. Lloyd's Refrigerating Machinery Certificate.

L.S. Lump sum. Locus sigilli = Place of the seal.

L.V. Lightvessel.

L.W. Low water.

L.W.O.S.T. Low water ordinary spring tides.

M Mile/s (nautical)

m metre/s

M.B. Motor boat.

M.C. Machinery Certificate. Metalling Clause.

M.C.I. Malleable cast iron.

M.D. Memorandum of deposit. Months after date.

M/d. Months after date.

M.D.H.B. Mersey Docks & Har­bour Board.

M.H., m.h. Main hatch.

M.H.H.W. Mean higher high water.

M.H.W.I. Mean High Water inter­val.

M.H.W.N. Mean High Water Neaps.

M.H.W.S. Mean High Water Springs.

M.L. Mean level. Motor launch.

M.L.L.W. Mean lower low water.

M.L.W.I. Mean low water interval.

M.M. Mercantile Marine.

m.m. Made merchantable.

M.M.A. Merchandise Marks Act.

L.W.L. Length of waterline.

M.M.S.A. Mercantile Marine Service Association.

M.N. Merchant Navy.

M.N.I. Member of the Nautical Institute.

M.N.A.O.A. Merchant Navy and Airline Officers Association.

M.N.R. Mean neap rise.

M.O.T. Ministry of Transport.

M.R. Mate's receipt.

M.R.I.N. Member of the Royal Institute of Navigation.

M.R.I.N.A. Member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects.

M.S. Motor ship. Machinery survey. Merchant ship­ping. Months after sight.

M.S.A. Merchant Shipping Act.

M.S.L. Mean sea level.

M.S.R. Mean spring rise (tide).

M.T. Mean time. Empty.

M.T.B. Motor torpedo boat.

M.T.L. Mean tide level.

M.V. Motor vessel.

N/a. No advice. No account.

n.a.a. Not always afloat.

N/C. New charter. .

N.C.V. No commercial value.

n.e. Not excluding.

n.e.p./s. Not elsewhere provided/ stated.

N/f. No funds. .

N.H.P. Nominal Horse Power.

N/m. No mark/s.

nom. std. Nominal standard.

n.o.p. Not otherwise provided.

N.P.L. National Physical Lab­oratory.

n.r. No risk. Nett register (tonnage).

n.r.a.d. No risk after discharge.

n/s. Not sufficient.

n.s.p.f. Not specially provided for.

N/t. New terms.

o.a. Over all.

O/C. Open charter. Old charter. Open cover. Old crop.

O/c Overcharge.

O/d On demand.

O/o. Order of.

O.P. Open policy.

O.R. Owner's risk.

O/t Old terms. On truck.

P.A. Particular Average. Power of Attorney.

P. & I. Protection and indem­nity.

P/C. Petty cash. Price current. Per cent.

Pkge. Package.

P/L. Partial loss. Position Line.

P. & L. Profit and loss.

pm. Premium.

P.N. P/N. Promissory Note.

P.O.D. Pay on Delivery.

p.p. Picked ports. Per pro (on behalf of).

P.P.I., p.p.i. Policy proof of interest

ppt. Prompt (loading).

p.t. Private terms.

Ptg. Std. Petrograd standard (timber).

P.V. Petite vitesse (Slow train).

R.A.T. Rapeseed Assoc. terms.

R. & C.C. Riots and civil com

R.C.C. Royal Cruising Club.

R.C.C. & S. Riots, civil commo­tions and strikes.

r.d. Running days.

R.D. Reserve Decoration.

R.D.C. Running Down Clause.

R.I. Re-insurance.

R.N. Royal Navy.

R.N.L.I. Royal National Life-boat Institution.

R.N.R. Royal Naval Reserve.

R.N.V.R. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

r.o.b. Remaining on board.

R.O.R.C. Royal Ocean Racing Club.

Rotn. No. Rotation number.

R/p. Return of post for orders.

R.P. Return premium.

R.S. Revised Statutes (U.S.A.).

R.T. Rye terms.

R.T.Y.C. Royal Thames Yacht Club.

R.Y.A. Royal Yachting Assoc.

R.T. Radio Telephone.

R.C.Y.C. Royal Clyde Yacht Club.

R.F.A. Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

R.Y.S. Royal Yacht Squadron.

s. Snow.

s/a. Safe arrival.

S. & F.A. Shipping and Forward­ing Agents.

S. & H. exct. Sundays and holidays excepted.

s.a.n.r. Subject to approval no risk.

S.C. Salvaged Charges.

S.D. Sea Damaged.

S.d. Short delivery.

S.G. Salutis gratia == Given for safety. (Lloyd's policy.)

S.H.P. Shaft horse power.

Sk. Sack.

s.l. Salvage loss.

S.L. & C. Shipper's load and count.

S/L.C. Sue and Labour Clause.

S/N. Shipping Note.

S.N.R. Member of the Society for Nautical Research.

S.O. Seller's option.

S.O.L. Shipowner's liability.

s.p.d. Steamer pays dues.

S.R. & C.C. Strikes, riots and civil commotions.

S.S., s.s. Steamship.

Std. Standard (of timber).

Str. Steamer.

S. to S. Station to station.

S.V. Sailing vessel.

S.W.L. Safe working load.

T. & G. Tongued and grooved.

T/C. Until countermanded.

T.G.B. Tongued, grooved and beaded.

T/L. Total loss.

T.L.O. Total loss only.

T.P.I. Tons per inch (im­mersion).

T.Q. Tale quale = Having such a quantity.

T.R. Tons registered.

u. Ugly and threatening weather.

U.D. Upper deck.

U.K.f.o. United Kingdom for orders.

U.S.C.G. United States Coast­guard.

U.S.N. United States Navy.

U.S.N.R. United States Naval Reserve.

U.S.S. United States ship.

V.C. Valuation Clause.

v.o.p. Valuation as in original policy.

V.R.D. Volunteer Reserve Decoration.

W.A. With average.

W. & E.I. Wages and Effects Form I.

W.B. Way Bill.

w.b.s. Without benefit of salvage.

w/d. Warranted.

w.g. Weight guaranteed.

W/M. Weight and/or measure­ment.

w.o.b. Washed overboard.

w.o.l. Wharf owners' liability.

w/p Without prejudice. Weather permitting.

W.P.A. With Particular Average.

w.r.o. War risk only.

W/T. Wireless Telegraphy.

W/W. Warehouse warrant.

W.W.D. Weather working days.

Y.A.R. York-Antwerp Rules 1924.
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