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Zone of Silence. Area in which a sound is inaudible although it may be heard all round the area. The cause of it is not known. Quite frequently noticed in connection with fog signals of light­houses.

Zone Time. Time kept at sea for official purposes. Sea areas are divided into sectors (termed 'zones') that extend 7° on either side of the prime meridian, and of all meridians of 15° or a multiple of it. Each zone keeps a time that is one hour different from the zone on either side of it. Each zone, therefore, has a time that is an integral number of hours different from Green­wich Mean Time, and the zone is named by this number. Easterly zones prefix a minus sign, westerly zones prefix a plus sign, to the zone number. The zone number, when applied to the zone time, and using its prefixed sign, will give Greenwich Mean Time. Zone+12 and zone -12 meet at the Date Line.

Zubenelg. Star Librae. S.H.A. 131°; Dec. S09°; Mag. 2.7.

Zubenelgenubi. Star a Librae. S.H.A. 138°; Dec. S16°; Mag. 2.9.

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