Nautical words

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Young Gentleman. Name sometimes given, customarily, to mid­shipman in Royal Navy.

Young Person. Legally, one who is not less than 14 years of age, and not more than 18 years of age.

Youngster. Young person.

Younker. Variation of 'youngster'.

Yourkevitch Form. Hull form designed for fast vessels, and used in construction of 'Normandie'. Fore body lines are narrowed, and hollowed at a waterline position that depends on vessel's designed speed. Stern sections are somewhat flat and wide.

Zaurac 392 Zone


Zaurac. Star Eridani.

Z-Bar, Zed Bar. Rolled steel section of Z-shape, but with right angles.

Zenith. Point in the heavens vertically above an observer. Elevated pole of rational horizon.

Zenith (Magnetic). That point in heavens indicated by a line passing longitudinally through a freely-suspended magnetic needle.

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