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Yankee Jib Topsail. Balloon jib topsail cut very high in clew.

Yanky. Dutch sailing vessel of small size, and clumsy in a sea way.

Yarage.* Handiness and general manoeuvrability of a vessel.

Yard. Spar fitted across a mast, primarily to extend the head of a sail and to extend the foot of a sail above it, if any. It can be angled so that sail can be trimmed to a prevailing wind. In modern vessels its main purpose is to carry signal halliards.

Yard and Stay. Name sometimes given to 'union purchase' method of rigging two derricks for loading or discharging overside. Is a relic of sailing ship seamanship, when one tackle was put on a stay-over a hold-and other tackle was put at yard arm, so plumbing loading, or discharging, point.

Yard Arm. That part of yard that lies between the lift and the outboard end of the yard.

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