Nautical words

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Wrought Mat. Paunch mat.

Wrung. Said of a mast or spar that has been strained or twisted.

Wry-necked Ned. Nickname given to Admiral Boscawen after a wound in neck caused him to carry his head on one side.

W/T. Radio telegraph.

W.T. Water-tight.

Wythe. Alternative form of 'withe'.

Xebec 389 Xiphias


Xebec. Small three-masted, lateen-rigged trading vessel of Mediterranean Sea and Iberian coast. Diners from a felucca by having a square sail for running.

Xiphias. The common swordfish of the Mediterranean. Has no central fin.

Yacht 390 Yaw


Yacht. Vessel built for pleasure cruising, or for racing. Earliest English yacht would appear to be one built, at Cowes, for Queen Elizabeth in 1588. Charles II was given a vessel ('Mary') by the Dutch; this introduced the word 'yacht'-meaning 'chaser'- to the English language.

Yacht Club. Association of yachtsmen to further the interests of yachting, to arrange races and to frame rules and regulations for the good order of the sport. Oldest is the Royal Cork Yacht Club, founded 1720.

Yacht Codes. Signal codes adopted, or devised, by yacht clubs before introduction of the 'International Code' of 1857. Most of the important clubs had their own codes. Acker's 'Universal Yacht Signals' was the first common code.

Yachtsman. One who owns or sails a yacht.

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