Nautical words

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Work a Traverse. To reduce the various courses and distances sailed to the resultant changes in latitude and longitude.

Working Days. Those days on which it is customary to work in the given port, the length of the day being the customary number of hours. A 'working day of 24 hours' would be three working days in a port at which it was customary to work eight hours a day.

Working Foresail. Fore and aft foresail whose sheet rides on a horse.

Working Gear. Gear or clothing in general use. Sails used when working to windward.

Working Strain. Maximum stress a rope, member, or fitting will bear.

Working Up. Increasing in speed, force, or efficiency.

Worm. To put yarn, or small stuff, in cantlines of a rope that is to be parcelled and served. 2. Spiral thread, on a shaft, that engages in appropriately cut teeth on a wheel or drum. Has a large ratio of purchase and rarely 'walks back'.

Wrack. Thin, ragged, fast-moving clouds. 2. Seaweed thrown ashore by sea. 3. To destroy by wave action. 4. Old form of 'wreck'.

Wreck. Vessel so damaged as to be unseaworthy and incapable of being navigated. Legally, includes 'jetsam, flotsam, lagan, and derelict found in or on shores of sea or tidal water'.

Wreckage. Fragments of a wrecked vessel. 2. The remains of a wrecked vessel. 3. The act of wrecking. 4. Goods washed ashore from a wrecked vessel.

Wreck Buoy. Buoy marking the position of a wrecked ship.

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