Nautical words

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Wire Rope Grip. Bull-dog grip.

Wiring.* The rising in a boat. The fore and aft internal strip on which the thwarts rest.

Wiring Clamp. Doubling piece of wood clamped to rising of a boat to take fastening of a thwart.

Wishbone Gaff or Boom. A double gaff or boom which allows the sail to take an aeroform shape.

Withe. Ring, or boom iron, through which a secondary spar is held to a mast or principal boom.

Without Prejudice. Words used when a statement, comment, or action is not to be taken as implying agreement or disagreement, or affecting in any way a matter in dispute, or under con­sideration.

Wooden Walls. Name given to warships, in the days of wooden ships, in recognition of the fact that they were the outer defence of the Realm.

Woolaston Current Meter. Stationary instrument lowered into the water for measuring and indicating rate and direction of current. Has a timekeeping unit so that variations in rate and direction are shown graphically against a time scale. Measures rates up to 6 knots.

Woold/ing. Bind/ing rope tautly around a spar, particularly after fishing it.

Woolder. Strong wooden rod used for heaving rope taut when woolding.

Work 388 Wythe

Work. Said of parts of a ship that move through action of wind or sea. 2. To work a sight is to reduce its data to a desired value. 3. Work to windward is to ply to windward.

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