Nautical words

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Winter Load Line. Statutory load line mark indicating depth to which vessel may be loaded in seasonal winter.

Winter Solstice. That point of time at which Sun obtains his maximum declination and minimum noon altitude, and appears to stand still in declination for an appreciable time. Occurs about December 21 in northern latitudes, June 21 in southern latitudes.

By convention, the former is generally accepted.

Wireless Bearing. Radio bearing.

Wireless Telegraphy Acts. 1919-27-32. Lay down rules for the equipment, fitting, and use of radio equipment in sea-going ships.

Wireless Time Signals. Radio time signals.

Wire Rope. Rope made of wires, those used in ships being of iron or steel. Three main types used are flexible steel wires, steel rigging wires, and iron rigging wires.

Wire Rope Gauge. Small instrument, with adjustable jaws, used for measuring diameter of a rope-but graduated to indicate the corresponding circumference.

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