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Wind Scoop. Wind chute. Wind Taut

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Wind Scoop. Wind chute.

Wind Taut. Said of an anchored vessel when straining at her cable and heeled by force of wind.

Wind Wale. Sponson rim of paddle steamer; connecting paddle beam to sides of vessel.

Wind Vane. Any streamer or device used for indicating direction of wind.

Windward. Towards the wind. Nearer to the wind. The direction from which the wind blows.

Windward Sailing. Sailing against wind on alternate tacks, but sailing a longer leg on that tack which is in the approximate direction of the position it is desired to reach.

Wing. That part of a hold, or 'tween deck, that lies along the side. 2. To stow cargo in wing of hold. 3.* Occasionally applied to the sponson of a paddle steamer.

Wing and Wing. Said of a fore and aft rigged vessel when she is running with sails out on both sides.

Winger.* Small water cask stowed in wings of holds in old sailing ships.

Wing Boards 387 Woolder

Wing Boards. Sloping boards permanently fitted in self-trimming colliers. They are inclined at angle of repose of coal, and extend to ship's side from underside of deck.

Winging Out. Putting cargo in wing of a hold, or towards ship's side.

Wing Transom. Thwartship timber in lower part of stern of old wooden ships. In warships, it formed sill of gun-room windows.

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