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White Forster Boiler. Water-tube boiler of Jarrow type, but with a larger steam drum—that allows for removal and replacement of tubes.

White Horses. Fast-running waves with white foam crests.

White Rope 385____ ______Wind Force

White Rope. Rope and cordage made of untarred hemp.

White Squadron. Former division of a fleet of warships. From 1625 to 1653 was the rear division, under a rear-admiral. After this it was the centre division under a vice-admiral. Dis­continued 1864.

White Squall. Sudden squall that causes white foam, or froth, to form on surface of sea. Sometimes applied to a squall in which there is no reduction of light.

Whole Gale.* Wind having a velocity of 48 to 55 knots.

Wholesome. Said of craft that behave well in bad weather.

Widow's Men.* Fictitious names, up to 2 per cent of a crew, that were entered in ship's books of H.M. ships. Their pay and victualling allowances were credited to the 'Widows' Fund'. Commenced 1763, abolished about 1831.

Wildcat. Cable holder, or sprocket wheel, of windlass.

Wildfire.* Inflammable composition anciently used in naval war­fare. Composed of pitch, sulphur, naphtha, etc.

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