Nautical words

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Whirling Psychrometer. Wet and dry thermometers mounted in a frame hinged on a handle. Is whirled to increase evaporation at bulb of wet thermometer.

Whirlpool. Current that has a rotatory motion over a compara­tively small area. Is troublesome in that it may turn ship's head against maximum rudder at maximum speed. Its suctional effect is largely mythical.

Whirlwind. Small but very intense revolving storm, the wind cir­culating very rapidly around a low-pressure centre-line.

Whisker Booms. Spritsail gaffs; whiskers.

Whisker Gaff. Whisker boom.

Whiskers. Spars projecting transversely from just forward of cat­heads and approximately horizontally. Purpose is to give adequate spread of guys of jib boom. Sometimes called 'sprit-sail gaffs'.

Whistle. Sound-producing instrument that is required to be fitted on any power-propelled vessel unless a siren is fitted.

Whistle Buoy. Navigational aid buoy that emits a whistling sound through mechanism actuated by wave movement.

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