Nautical words

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Whether in Berth or Not. Term used in charter party, or other document, to stipulate that lay days shall commence when ship is ready to load, or unload, irrespective of whether ship is in the appropriate berth or not.

Whip. Rope rove through a standing block for hoisting. A double whip consists of a rope rove through two single clocks with end made fast to one of them. Gives advantage of two

or three, according to which block moves. 2. To pass a whipping around end of a rope.

Whipping. Twine or small stuff passed round end of a rope to prevent it unlaying.

2. Passing a whipping around a rope.

Whip Staff. Vertical handle on end of a hand-worked tiller.

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1   ...   938   939   940   941   942   943   944   945   ...   963

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