Nautical words

Whaleman. Man engaged in the whaling industry. Wharf

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Whaleman. Man engaged in the whaling industry.

Wharf. Erection in harbour, or on banks of inland waters, for the berthing of ships for loading and discharging of cargo, fitting, or refitting. 2.* Shore of the sea. Bank of a river. 3. To place on a wharf. 4. To protect by erecting a wharf.

Wharfage. Money paid for use of a wharf, or services of it. 2. The wharf accommodation, or facilities, at a port.

Wharfinger. One who owns or manages a wharf.

Wheatstone Gyroscope. Small gyroscope for demonstration pur­poses. Has a 4-inch wheel and attachments for suppressing freedom and for introducing precession.

Wheel. Usual name for the steering wheel by which a rudder is moved, or a steering engine actuated. In U.S.A. the name is given to a screw propeller.

Wheel Chains. Chains by which a wheel actuates a steering engine

or a rudder.

Wheel House. An erection around a steering wheel for the pro­tection of helmsman. Usually utilised for other purposes connected with the navigation of a vessel.

Wheel Ropes. Ropes by which a wheel actuates a rudder.

Wheft. Any flag that has had a stop passed around it halfway along the fly. It then has some special significance.

Whelps. Metal strips fixed vertically on barrel of capstan-or horizontally on warping end of winch-to increase grip of rope by making the turn a polygon instead of a circle.

Where Away? 384 White Horses

Where Away? Enquiry addressed to a look-out man, demanding precise direction of an object he has sighted and reported.

Wherry. Small but roomy boat used for carrying goods or ferrying passengers in sheltered waters. Compare 'Norfolk Wherry.

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