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Barre.* Old name for tidal bore in river Seine. Barrel

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Barre.* Old name for tidal bore in river Seine.

Barrel. Wooden cask holding about 36 gallons.

Barrel of Capstan. Main member of capstan; circular in shape to allow hawsers to be passed around for heaving; fitted with poppets, in which capstan bars can be inserted; having pawls that take in a pawl ring around its lower edge.

Barricoe. Small cask often used in boats for storing drinking water. Also called 'breaker' or 'bareca'.

Barrier Ice. 'Shelf Ice.'

Barrow's Dip Circle. Instrument used in hydrographic surveying for measuring magnetic dip and total magnetic force at a place.

Bar Shoe. Suspended fitting, across stem of a ship, to take towing wires of a paravane.

Bar Taut. Said of a rope when it is under such tension that it is practically rigid. Barysphere. Solid mass of iron, and other metals, assumed to exist inside Earth and under lithosphere.

Base. That solid ingredient in a paint that is responsible for its body.

Base Metals. Those that do not resist action of acids. All metals except those in gold, silver and platinum groups.

Basin. Artificially enclosed space of water in which ships are placed for loading, discharging or for repairs.

Basking Shark. Sometimes called 'Sunfish'. Lies motionless on sea surface for fairly long periods. Is about 36 feet long. Although a member of shark family, is not at all ferocious.

Bateau 35 Bay Ice

Bateau.* Name formerly given to a lightly-constructed boat that was relatively narrow for its length. Usually broad at middle length but narrowed quickly towards ends.

Bathometer. Instrument for measuring oceanic depths.

Bathyal Zone. Between 100 and 500 fathoms below sea surface. Bed is usually mud; perhaps containing organic oozes.

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