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Wet Bulb Thermometer. Thermometer fitted with a wick from bulb to a cistern of water so that evaporation takes place at bulb, so extracting heat. This causes a lower temperature reading. Amount by which temperature is lowered depends on rate of evaporation at bulb, which, in turn, depends on moisture content of atmosphere.

Wet Dock. In contradistinction from dry dock, is a dock in which vessels are always afloat and water level is maintained by gates that are closed before fall of tide.

Wet Fog. Fog in which moisture forms rapidly and freely on exposed conducting surfaces.

Wet Spell. Name given to a period of 15 days, or more, in which the daily rainfall has been at least 0.04 inch.

Wetted Surface 383 _____Whelps

Wetted Surface. The whole of the external surface of a vessel's outer plating that is in contact with the water in which she is floating.

Whack. Colloquial name for the statutory allowance of provisions and water.

Whale. Marine mammal having warm blood, lungs, and bearing its young. Is the largest animal. Length up to 80 ft. Various types are Right (or Greenland), Rorqual, Sperm, Cachalot, Cape or Southern, Humpback, Baleen.

Whaleback. Name given to a vessel having deck with excessive camber. Formerly applied to a poop having rounded side plating at its junction with the deck.

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