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Wentle.* To roll over. West

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Wentle.* To roll over.

West. Cardinal point of compass, halfway between North and South, and opposite to East. The intersection of horizon and prime vertical in that direction in which heavenly bodies set. West Country Whipping. Method of whipping end of rope by middling the twine, half-knotting it on either side alternately, and finishing off by reef knotting.

Westerlies. Prevailing winds between 40° and 60° latitudes North and South.

Westing. The distance, expressed in nautical miles, that a vessel makes good in a direction due west.

Weston Purchase. Differential purchase consisting of two sprocket wheels around which is a continuous chain having one of the wheels in the bight. Fixed wheel has 18 sprockets, moving wheel has 17. One turn of fixed wheel lifts lower wheel one link, thus giving a power of 35. This purchase will not walk back.

Wet. Said of a vessel that ships seas frequently.

Wet Air. Atmospheric air when cold surfaces become damp or wet although no rain is falling. Due to condensation caused by warm, saturated air replacing cold, dry air.

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