Nautical words

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Weather Working Days. Those working days in which the loading or unloading of cargo is not held up by weather conditions.

Web Frame. A specially deep transverse frame in the form of a built girder.

Wedge. V-shaped area of high barometric pressure between two depressions.

Weeding. Clearing rigging of stops, yarns, etc., that have been attached to it.

Weekly Articles. Common name for Home Trade Agreement, under which men are paid on a weekly basis.

Weekly Boats. Common name for vessels in the Home Trade, in which crew are paid on a weekly basis.

Weeping. Said of a small leak in which water flows very slowly.

Weeping Butts. Butted joints through which water seeps slowly. Sometimes applied to similar weepings at landings of plates.

Weevil. Small beetle which, with its larvae, attacks ship's biscuit and all grain.

Weft. The short thwartship thread in canvas, bunting, and other woven material. 2. Wheft.

Weigh. To lift. Now applied to anchor only: formerly applied to the lifting of a mast.

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