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Weathering. Passing to windward. Weather Lurch

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Weathering. Passing to windward.

Weather Lurch. A rather quick roll to windward.

Weatherly. Said of a sailing vessel that points well up to the wind and makes less than average leeway. Said of a steam vessel that is comfortable in a seaway.

Weather Map. Map of chart that shows weather conditions at a certain position, or in a certain area. It may give the conditions prevailing, or the conditions to be expected. It may be based on present information, or on past records.

Weather Notation. System of letters and figures and symbols for recording or reporting weather conditions.

Weather Quarter. That quarter of a vessel, or the sea area in its arc, that is on the windward side of the vessel.

Weather Roll. A roll to windward by a vessel.

Weather Ropes. Old name for tarred ropes.

Weather Shore. A shore that is to windward of a vessel.

Weather Side. That side which is toward the direction from which wind is blowing.

Weather Tide. A tidal current that sets to windward.

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