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Weather Board. Windward side of a vessel.

Weather Bound. Said of a vessel unable to sail, or confined to a port of anchorage, by stress of weather.

Weather Bow. That bow, of a vessel, that is on her windward side.

Weather Cloth. Canvas screen temporarily placed for protection of helmsman, or officer of watch, against wind and spray. 2. Formerly, canvas covering for an exposed hammock netting.

Weather Deck. Deck that is open to weather and sea.

Weather Eye Open. To keep a good look out to windward.

Weather Gage, Gauge. The advantage of position due to being to windward of a vessel, or hazard.

Weather Glass. Popular name for a barometer in which the various barometric pressures are accompanied bywords indicating the probable weather.

Weather Gleam. Unusual gleam in horizon dead to windward. Usually foretells an abatement in wind force.

Weather Helm 381______ ______Welding

Weather Helm. Amount the tiller is moved to windward to keep a vessel under sail on her course, and to prevent her from coming to the wind.

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