Nautical words

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Wave Velocity. See 'Velocity of wave'.

Waxing. Said of Moon when she is in her first and second quarters and her illuminated area is increasing. Sometimes said of inferior planets.

Way. Vessel's inertia of motion through the water.

'Way Aloft. ' An order to go aloft on a mast. Contraction of 'Away aloft'.

Way Bill. Document signed in triplicate, accompanying mails carried in a ship. Gives details of mails and number of bags and sealed packets. At destination, one receipted way bill is returned to sending office, one is given to receiving office, third is retained in ship. 2. Document accompanying goods carried by a common carrier.

'Way Enough. ' Order given to a boat's crew when going alongside under oars. Denotes that boat has sufficient way, and that oars are to be placed inside the boat.

Ways. Baulks or skids along which vessels are launched after building.

'Way Wiser. '* Alternative name for the 'Nautical Dromometerā€™

Wearing. Going from one tack to the other, under sail, by putting ship's stern through the wind. 2. 'Wearing colours' is flying the ship's national ensign. Wearing a flag is flying it. Weather. Phenomena of the atmosphere that affect mankind. These include wind, visibility, temperature, air pressure, preĀ­cipitations, and electrical discharges. 2. To pass to windward of a point or object. 3. Windward, or nearer to the wind.

Weather Anchor. Anchor on the weather bow of a ship coming to anchor. 2. Anchor that lies to windward of any other anchor.

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