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Watertight. Impervious to water. Watertight Doors

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Watertight. Impervious to water.

Watertight Doors. Steel door so fitted and strengthened that it will prevent water passing when door is sealed.

Watertight Hatch. Hatch so fitted and strengthened that it will prevent water passing when hatch is closed and secured.

Watertight Sub-division. The dividing of a vessel into small comĀ­partments fitted with watertight doors and hatches so that, in case of damage, the inflow of water will be arrested and localized.

Water-tube Boiler. One in which the water is confined to numerous small tubes that pass through the heat from the furnaces. Its great advantage lies in these tubes being able to support pressures far above those possible in Scotch and other cylindrical boilers. A further advantage is that considerable less weight of water is necessary. They require very careful tending. There are numĀ­erous types, some working at extremely high pressures.

Waterways. Channels along ship's sides on deck, into which water runs and is carried to scuppers.

Watt. Electrical unit of power, equivalent to one ampere at one volt. 746 watts per minute is equivalent to one horsepower.

Wave. A perpendicular oscillation in the surface of a liquid. An undulation, of surface of a liquid, that appears to be progressive but, actually, is not.

Wave Guide. A copper tube of rectangular section which conveys signals between a radar transmitter-receiver and scanner.


Wave Length 380 Weather Gleam

Wave Length. Distance between successive crests, or troughs, of radiant energy. Usually denned as distance travelled by the energy in one cycle. Violet light ray has a wave length of one 70,000th of an inch; red light ray is twice this length.

Waveson. Goods floating on surface of sea after a wreck.

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