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Waterborne. Floating. 2. Carried by water. Water Breaker

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Waterborne. Floating. 2. Carried by water.

Water Breaker. Small cask used for carrying drinking water in a boat.

Water Laid. Said of rope laid up left-handed. Sometimes applied to cable-laid rope.

Waterline. That line in which the surface of the water meets the ship's side at a specific draught. 2. Line painted round ship's side at approximate position of her load waterline.

Waterlogged. State of a vessel that has taken in so much water that she floats by the buoyancy of her fabric and her contents.

Waterplane. That horizontal section of a ship's hull which reĀ­presents her shape in the water in that particular horizontal plane.

Water Sail.* Fine weather sail that was formerly set beneath a lower studdingsail in fine weather.

Water Splice. Cut splice in which the two parts between the splices are twined round each other before tucking the second splice.

Waterspout. A whirling up-current of warm, moist air, the outside of which is cooled and cloudlike. Height may be anything between 20 and some thousand of feet, width being from 20 to 500 ft. Caused by instability in atmosphere. Occurs in temĀ­perate zone, but mostly in tropical zones. They last for 10 to 30 minutes. When they break they may throw down heavy masses of water and, perhaps, ice. Gunfire does not affect them.

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