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Warranty of Seaworthiness. One

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Warranty of Seaworthiness. One of the 'Implied warranties' in marine insurance. The mere fact of applying for an insurance policy implies a warranty, by the applicant, that the ship is

seaworthy in all respects.

Warwick Screw. Rigging screw with sides of shroud cut away to allow the placing of locking blocks on square ends of screws when set up; thus preventing any slacking back. Wash. Broken water at bow of a vessel making way. 2. Disturbed water made by a propeller or paddle wheel. 3. Blade of an oar.

Wash Board. Wash strake.

Washing Down. Said of a vessel when she is shipping water on deck and it is running off through scuppers and freeing ports.

Washington Conferences. International marine conferences held in Washington, U.S.A., between October and December, 1889. Largely concerned with regulations for preventing collision at sea.

Wash Port. Aperture, in the bulwarks of a vessel, that allows water on deck to flow outboard.

Wash Strake. Upper strake of a boat's side planking. 2. Special lengths of wood fitted longitudinally above gunwale of a boat to give more freeboard when under sail.

Watch. Period of time, normally four hours, into which an nautical day is divided. The period between 16 hrs. and 20 hrs.—4 p.m. to 8 p.m.—is divided into two 'dog' (docked) watches, so that similar watches are not kept on consecutive days. 2. Group into

which crew is divided for duty; port or starboard watch if into two watches. To keep, or stand, a watch is to be on duty for a watch.

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