Nautical words

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'Warming the Bell. ' Striking 'eight bells' a little before time at the end of a watch.

Warm Sector. Mass of comparatively warm air between colder air masses.

Warp. The longitudinal threads in canvas and other textiles. 2. Hawser used when warping. Originally, was a rope smaller than a cable. 3. The line by which a boat rides to a sea anchor. 4. Mooring ropes.

Warpage. The act of warping. 2. A charge made for warping a vessel in harbour.

Warped Strop.* Selvagee strop.

Warping. Moving a vessel by running out a hawser to a fixed point, securing the end at that point, and then heaving on the rope.

Warping Chock. Chock on side of dock, used when warping vessels.

Warping Hook. Brace used for twisting a yarn when ropemaking.

Warranted Free Of. Firm statement and guarantee that an insurer is not liable for losses in connection with risks specified. 2. Firm statement and guarantee that a specified substance or article is not adulterated or contaminated with, or by, a specified factor.

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