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Wails.* Wales. Waist

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Wails.* Wales.

Waist. Upper deck between forecastle and poop, or quarter deck. In sailing ships might be between fore ends of fore and main hatches, or between fore and main masts.

Waist Anchor. Spare bower anchor stowed at fore end of waist.

Waist Block. Sheave in midship bulwarks of a sailing vessel.

Waist Cloth. Canvas cloth covering hammock nettings in waist of a warship.

Waister.* Inexperienced or partially incapacitated seaman who was given duties in the waist of a warship, instead of working aloft.

Waist Pipe. Strengthened aperture in midship bulwarks, through which mooring hawsers are led.

Waiver Clause. Inserted in a policy of marine insurance to safe­guard insured and insurers when vessel appears to be a con­structive total loss. It allows either party to take steps to recover, save, or preserve the property in peril without prejudic­ing any right regarding abandonment.

Wake. The water immediately astern of a moving vessel. It is disturbed by vessel's motion through it and by the subsequent filling up of the cavity made.

Wake Current. That stream of water that flows to fill in the cavity left by a vessel moving through water.

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