Nautical words

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V-Shaped Depression. Depression in which the isobars form a series of parallel Vs with line of low pressure passing through the angles. Low pressure area is in direction of open ends of Vs.

V-Shaped Trough. V-shaped depression.

V-Stern. A stern that has a more or less vertical, triangular transom plate.

Vulgar Establishment of Port. Interval between time of Moon's transit at a place, at Full or Change, and the occurrence of the following high water at the place.

Waft 376 Wane


Waft. To convoy or escort, a vessel (16th century), 2 Weft.

Wager Policy. Policy of marine insurance issued to an insurer who has not declared his interest in matter insured. If he has no interest, policy is void in law. Is usually honest, and is honoured by the insurers unless suspicious features are evident.

Waggoner. Name formerly given to Ursa Major, Auriga, or Bootes.

Waggoner.* Chart atlas of 17th century. Corrupted form of Wagenhaer, a Dutch cartographer.

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