Nautical words

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Volume of Displacement. Displacement of a vessel when expressed in cubic measurement.

Voluntary Stranding. Intentional and deliberate stranding of a vessel for the greater safety of ship and contents.

Votive Ship 375 Vulgar Establishment of Port

Votive Ship. Model ship placed in a church or chapel as a thanksĀ­giving for some danger escaped or as the fulfilment of a vow.

Voyage. In general, a journey by sea from one place to another, or to other places. In certain cases the voyage is considered as beginning when vessel arrives at her loading port, and ending when she has been moored in good safety at her discharging port for 24 hours.

Voyage Policy. Contract of marine insurance covering a voyage from one port to another, or others.

Voyal.* Endless rope that was led round a capstan and through leading blocks to allow cable to be hauled by lashing the cable to the rope. Commonly used for hauling cable to locker when locker was some distance from capstan.

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