Nautical words

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Victualling Bill. Customs document allowing shipment of bonded victualling stores to an outward-bound vessel.

Victualling Yard. Naval storehouse that supplies provisions and other paymasters' stores to ships of Royal Navy.

Vigia. Uncharted navigational danger that has been reported but has not been verified by survey.

Viol. Voyal.

Viol Block. Block having a cut-away part in shell so that a rope can be put over sheave. Similar to a snatch block but not having the hinged keeper.

Virazon. Spanish name for a sea breeze.

Virgo. Constellation situated between R.A. 11 h 45 m and 14 h 10m, and Dec. 11° S and 12° N, approx. Contains bright star Spica,  Virginis. Also, sixth sign of Zodiac, extending from 150° to 180° celestial longitude. Sun is in this sign from August 23 to September 22 (about). Vise. Endorsement on a document as evidence that it has been

sighted, examined, and found correct by a proper authority.

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