Nautical words

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Vertical Circle. Any great circle, of the terrestrial sphere, whose plane is perpendicular to the horizon. It follows that all vertical circles will pass through the zenith.

Vertical Keel. Continuous fore and aft plating resting vertically on a flat plate keel.

Verticals. Short name for vertical circles of the celestial sphere.

Very's Lights. Pyrotechnic signals, fired from a pistol, showing red, white, or green stars for signalling purposes.

Very's Pistol. Pistol-type implement for igniting and holding a Very's light.

'Very Well Dice.' Until comparatively recently was an order to helmsman to keep her head in the direction she then had. Now replaced by order 'Steady', or 'Keep her so'.

Vesper. Name given to Venus when an evening star.

Vessel. Defined by Merchant Shipping Act as 'any ship or boat, or other description of vessel, used in navigation'.

Vice-Admiral 374 Voluntary Stranding

Vice-Admiral. Flag officer next in rank above rear-admiral, and next below admiral.

Victualler.* Small vessel employed in keeping a fleet of warships supplied with provisions.

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