Nautical words

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Veiling Topsail. Vailing topsail.

Velocity. Speed. Usually expressed by units of distance travelled in a specified unit of time. The 'knot' is an unit of velocity, and does not require a time value.

Velocity of Light and Radio Waves. 186,285 statute miles per second. Is about 43 miles per second less in air. Approximately 11 million miles a minute. 161,800 sea miles per second. 328 yards per microsecond. 300 million metres per second.

Velocity of Sound 373 Vessel

Velocity of Sound. In air is about 1090 ft. per second at 32°F. (0°C.) and increases 1.14 ft. per second for each degree F. (2.05 for degree C.) above. In water, velocity varies with salinity, temperature, and pressure (depth), but lies between 785 and 845 fathoms per second for small and great depths respectively.

Velocity of Translation. Speed of movement of a storm centre.

Velocity of Wave. Speed at which crest moves.

Vendavales. Squally SW winds in vicinity of Straits of Gibraltar between September and March.

Ventilator. Any arrangement that removes foul air from a space and supplies fresh air to it.

Vent Pipe. Pipe placed to facilitate escape of air or vapour.

Venture. An enterprise in which there is a risk of loss.

Venus. Second planet from Sun, mean distance from him being 67,200,000 miles. Being an inferior planet it phases, and has a limited elongation of 48°. Distance from Earth varies between 26 and 160 million miles. May be observed in daytime occa­sionally.

Ventilation. The provision of an air current, or of a free passage of air.

Verano. Dry weather spell during winter in Central America.

Veranillo. A spell of fine weather, for about three weeks, during the summer rainy season in Central America.

Vernal Equinox. Spring equinox. The date, about March 21, when Sun crosses Equinoctial from south to north declination. Although this corresponds with autumn in the southern hemi­sphere, the name is fairly universal.

Vernier. Auxiliary scale, close alongside principal scale, for reading fractional values of main scale by noting coincidence in align­ment of graduations on vernier and main scale; the vernier graduation indicating the fractional value.

Vertex. The highest point in a curve. The zenith. That point at which a great circle track reaches its highest latitude. That point in any geometrical figure that is farthest from the base.

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