Nautical words

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Vailing Topsail. Letting go topsail halyards as a salute.

Valuation Clause. Inserted in a policy of marine insurance to cover cases when ship becomes a constructive total loss. Stipulates that insured value of ship shall be considered to be her value if repaired. If cost of repairing exceeded insured value the latter would be paid by insurers.

Valve. Mechanism that controls rate and amount of flow through an aperture.

Valve Metal. Red brass consisting of 80% copper, 8% zinc, 3 ½ % tin, and 2 ½ % lead.

Van. The leading ship, or ships, in a fleet or squadron.

Vane. Contrivance for indicating direction of wind. 2. Blade of a towed or submerged log. 3. Small flat plate used when sighting.

Vangs. Ropes, one on either side of a gaff, by which the gaff is hauled into a desired direction, and held there.

Variables. Airs and inconstant winds in sea area between N.E. and S.E. trades. Area is about 500 miles wide in September, decreasing to about 150 miles at end of year. Also 'Variables

of Cancer and Capricorn'.

Variable Stars. Stars whose apparent magnitudes vary periodically. Algol is an example, its magnitude changing from 2nd to 5th magnitude in less than three days. Some of them are binary stars in which one star passes in front of the other; others are giant stars that undergo some internal change.

Variation. Angle between magnetic and true meridians at any given position. 2. Change in orbital speed of Moon between syzygy and quadrature.

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