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'Up Right and Down Straight—Like a Yankee Main Tack. '

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'Up Right and Down Straight—Like a Yankee Main Tack. ' Old phrase of a seaman when boasting of his candour. American ships, at one time, had comparatively short main tacks.

Upside Down Ensign. Old signal of distress.

Uptake. Enclosed casing that takes furnace gases from ends of boiler tubes to base of funnel.

Up Together. Order to the oars, on both sides of a boat, to give way together.

Uranography. The mapping of heavenly bodies on a chart or star globe.

Uranus. Planet between Saturn and Neptune. Not used in naviga­tion. Discovered by Herschel, 1871. Has five small satellites.

Ursa Major. The Great Bear.' Most brilliant of the northern constellations. Contains seven bright stars: Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, and Alkaid; the first two point to Polaris. This constellation is also called the 'Plough', 'Dipper', 'Charles Wain', and 'Waggon and Horses'. It has been called the 'Corn Measurer' by the Chinese, and considered as a hippopotamus by the Egyptians.

Ursa Minor. 'The Lesser Bear.' Northern constellation containing Polaris, a Ursae Minor.

Uvroe, Uvrou. Euphroe.
Vailing Topsail__ ______372 Velocity of Light

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