Nautical words

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Unstable Equilibrium. A ship which, when forcibly inclined, heels still further, and may capsize, is in unstable equilibrium.

Unukalkay. Name of star 'Cor Serpentis', or a Serpentis.

Unwatched. Said of a navigational beacon light that is shown from a position at which there is no permanent attendant.

Up. To put the helm up is to move tiller to windward. Applied to sails, means to hoist the sail.

Up Anchor. Weigh anchor.

Up and Down. Said of cable when it extends vertically and taut from anchor to hawsepipe.

Upper Deck. In ships with more than one continuous deck, is the highest continuous deck.

Upper Transit. Passage of a heavenly body across observer's meridian.

Upper Works. All erections above the freeboard deck.

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