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Universal Rating Rules. Measurements of yachts over 15 metres (49.2 ft.) L.W.L. Adopted in United Kingdom, 1931.

Universal Yacht Signals. Code of signals for yachts, produced by G. H. Ackers, 1847. Revised 1851 and 1859. Fell into disuse soon after the introduction of the "Commercial Code' of 1857.

Universal Time. Alternative name for 'Greenwich Mean Time'.

Unload. To discharge, or remove, cargo.

Unmoor. To cast off hawsers by which a vessel is attached to a buoy or wharf. To weigh one anchor when riding to two anchors. To remove a mooring swivel when moored to two cables.

Unrig. To remove rigging. To take off tackling or fittings.

Unseaworthy 371 Uvroe, Uvrou

Unseaworthy. Said of a vessel when she is not in all respects fitted to perform her contracted tasks. In a limited sense it is used to denote a vessel not fit to face the hazards of the sea; in a larger sense, particularly as regards insurance interests, it includes her incapability of carrying cargo properly, her failure to have officers that are properly qualified, her lack of navigational aids, and other similar negligences.

Unship. To remove from a ship. To remove an item from its place.

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