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Uniform System of Buoyage

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Uniform System of Buoyage. Buoyage system in which the shape and/or colour of any buoy or beacon has a definite significance. Most maritime nations have a uniform system of their own. International system introduced in 1977.

Union. The device in the upper canton of an ensign or flag. Short name for the Union Jack, or the stars device of U.S.A. ensign.

Union Flag. Union of an ensign when flown by itself.

Union Hook. Swivelled cargo hook with ring carrying two swivels for connection to the two runners of a union purchase.

Union Jack. Device for a flag that forms the inner upper canton of a national ensign, or is used separately. Particularly applied to the British jack, which contains the crosses of Saints George, Andrew, and Patrick.

Union Purchase. Method of rigging cargo derricks so that they need not be moved while loading or discharging a hatch. One derrick plumbs the hatch, the other derrick plumbing the loading or discharging point overside. Runner of each derrick is shackled to the same cargo hook. Precision in plumbing results.

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