Nautical words

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Underwater Body. That volume of a vessel's hull that is immersed at a given draught.

Under Way. Not attached to the shore or the ground in any manner. Usually, but not necessarily, moving through or making way through the water.

Under Weigh. Under way.

Underwriter. A person who insures, wholly or in part, a marine risk by stating the amount for which he is liable in the policy, and then signing the policy. Underwriters at Lloyd' are required to deposit, with Lloyd's, securities to the value of, at least, £5000.

Underwriting. Contracting to make good, wholly or in part, a marine loss; signing to this effect at the foot of a policy of marine insurance.

Undulation. A rising above and a falling below a mean level in the manner of a smooth wave, or ripple.

Undulatory. Having an up and down movement, together with a sidewise movement, but without any translation of the particles of the fluid.

Unfurl. Cast loose a sail by letting go the gaskets.

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