Nautical words

Unbend. Untie. Cast loose. Unbit

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Unbend. Untie. Cast loose.

Unbit. To cast off the upper securing turns of the cable from the bits, leaving the riding turn on.

Under Bare Poles. Said of a vessel running before the wind with no sail set; the motion of the vessel being due to wind pressure on her stern and upper works.

Under Canvas. Under sail.

Undercurrent. Moving water that is below the surface and having a direction and/or rate that differs from that of surface water.

Under Deck Tonnage. Tonnage based on space below tonnage deck, each 100 cu. ft. counting as one ton. Measured from top of floors—or ceiling, if any—to underside of tonnage deck.

Under Foot. Said of anchor when it is under ship's forefoot, and cable is nearly up and down.

Undergrid. To pass hawsers under a vessel and heave them taut across the upper deck. Done when seams show signs of opening through strains on mast, or through heavy weather. Also called 'trapping'.

Undermanned. Said of a vessel when she is short of personnel she should have in the prevailing circumstances.

Under Power. The condition of a vessel when mechanical power is being used to propel her through the water.

Under Protest. Applied to an action, payment, or signature when it is not freely rendered but is qualified by a statement made before the rendering. It thus leaves the matter open to dispute.

Underrun. To follow up the lead of a submerged rope or wire by putting rope over a boat, and hauling the boat along it.

Under Sail. Having sail set. Making way through the water by action of wind on the sails.

UndersaiL* To sail in the lee of a shore or headland.

Underset. The seaward setting current that moves under the surface water that is being driven shoreward by wind. Undertow.

Under the Lee. Under the shelter of an object to windward.

Undertow 370 Unrig

Undertow. Water flowing to seaward under surf.

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