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Tyzack Rail Bar. Rolled section used as gunwale capping. Com­prises a flat rail with bulb on lower side of one edge, other edge having flat strip at right angles to bar-this strip being drilled with holes for riveting to bulwark plating at upper edge.

Ullage 369 Under the Lee


Ullage. The amount by which a container or package is short of its standard content. Also applied to a container or package short of its standard content.

Ulloa's Circle. White 'rainbow' seen in fog, or at night.

Ultimate Strength. The stress, usually expressed in tons per square inch, that exactly balances the resistance to fracture, or rupture, of a member or material under stress. Sometimes denned as the minimum load that will cause fracture or rupture.

Umbra. The conical shadow that an eclipsing heavenly body has on that side of it that is remote from the light source. Occasion­ally applied to the dark area of a sunspot.

Una Rig. Single sail spread to a yard or gaff and set on a mast stepped well forward. Used for small craft, and in Norfolk wherries.

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