Nautical words

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Twin Propellers. Twin screws.

Twin Screw. Said of a vessel having two propellers.

Twin Screws. Pair of screw propellers, one on either side, which rotate in opposite directions when propelling a vessel. Intro­duced in 1888.

Twist Knot Plait knot.

Twitching Line. See 'Twiddling Line'.

Two Blocks. Said of a purchase or tackle when it has been hauled upon until its two blocks are touching one another.

Two-Stroke Cycle. Charging and compression on one stroke, ignition and scavenging on second stroke, of an internal com­bustion engine.

Two-Stroke Engine. Internal combustion engine having a power impulse on alternate strokes.

Tye. Rope by which a yard is hoisted. Usually rove through a sheave on mast.

Tye Block. Special iron-bound block shackled to a yard. Tye is rove through it to obtain extra purchase.

Typhoon. Violent cyclonic storm prevalent in seas around China, Japan, and the Philippine Islands.

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